TRIOSMART – All in One Tech Beast

November 22 2023 – Wasim Khan

TRIOSMART – All in One Tech Beast
TRIOSMART – All in One Tech Beast

It is a common belief that to live a happy life, one should travel more, meet new people and laugh more often. All of the experiences come together when we are traversing new lands alone or with our loved ones. We enjoy the scenic beauty, relish ethnic cuisines and also familiarise ourselves with a different yet magnificent culture of another place.

If you are planning on taking a trip, whether, for business or pleasure, you have probably heard of the need for travel tech gadgets that are in every list of packing stuff for the trip.

Find in our blog what are the topmost 3 important techs that every traveler needs. And read till last to find a surprise that will be a great help if you are traveling soon.

The Top 3 Tech are:

The usefulness of devices like smartphones and tablets for travel goes far beyond their ability to carry and display digital guidebooks for easy consumption on the go.

Travelers use their smartphones to:
*Navigate around towns and cities, and locate hotels, transport hubs, restaurants, sights, attractions, ATMs, gas stations, and other local amenities via various navigation apps
*Keep track of their location on buses or trains so that they don’t miss their bus stop or train station
*Avoid getting lost in mountains or while trekking in remote areas
*Call emergency services in bad situations
*Book hotels, trains, buses, and tours
*Order taxi cabs and ride-sharing taxis
*Convert currencies to avoid getting ripped off when changing money
*Translate foreign languages, both written and spoken
*Communicate with friends and family
*The most important to update on Social Media about travel memories.

To sum up, the modern-day traveler has become highly dependent on his smartphone to function properly on his travel plan and needs to work it all the time.
Okay, enough discussion of the problem. What’s the solution?

The solution is to carry a portable charging gadget known as a power bank.

Factors to consider when buying a power bank for travel
Build quality
Number and type of ports
Power output
Safety features

With technology playing a bigger role in the lives of travelers in today’s world than ever before, and the battery life of mobile devices unlikely to improve significantly any time within the near future, power banks have become an essential gadget in the traveler’s arsenal and it looks like they’re here to stay.

What better way to make the most out of your travel experience than by accompanying it with your favorite tracks? Music is a great way to keep you in a good mood. Also, the music of a particular region can tell you vastly about its culture and diversity.

Every memory has a soundtrack of its own. Each place and memory reminds us of a particular song. It feels as if we are revisiting that place all over again. It’s best to keep a memory alive with your favorite songs. A song like Despacito by Justin Beiber might make you want to sit by the beach and sip on your favorite cocktails. While a song like Bailando might want you to enjoy a salsa night and a club and dance to your favorite tunes.

‘Music and travel go together like beach sunsets and Pina Coladas.’

What better music equipment to carry with you during your travel than a Bluetooth Speaker. With a good portable speaker, one can listen to his/her favorite tracks in spectacular sound quality and keep oneself entertained. Although, one might want to take a lot of things into consideration before buying a good speaker. The speaker should foremost have a good battery backup, bass, sound quality, connectivity, and portability.

“Music enhances your traveling experience”

How can you best enjoy and cherish a scenic view with your loved ones than with music? While enjoying a lovely view of the mountains, one can make it even more soothing with good music. Imagine being with a group of your college friends and cherishing the view accompanied by your favorite old school tracks. Therefore it becomes imperative to have the right portable speaker. Fire up your favorite tunes for a longer time in high audio quality and make the best of your traveling experience.

When traveling abroad, most people will carry several electronic devices, such as a cell phone, tablet, etc. that they want to stay working at all times during their trip. If you are planning on taking a trip, whether, for business or pleasure, you have probably heard of the need for a quality travel adapter. Although you have heard of travel adapters, you may not know why a travel adapter is needed for international travel, or what kind of adapter to choose for your international trip. We’ve put together a guide on the basic information you need to know when choosing a global travel adapter.

When you want to plug in one of your devices during a trip abroad, you’ll need an adapter. Universal travel adapters enable a dual-voltage appliance – a transformer or a converter from one country to be plugged into the wall outlet of another country. The purpose of the travel adapter is to help the plugs on your electronic devices fit into other countries’ outlets so they can charge and work as they do in your own home country.

Every country has different adapters for electronic devices. Travelers need to search thoroughly about these details and need to purchase an adapter. Nowadays Universal Adapters have come to market that helps travelers to purchase only one adapter for all their international travel.

We hope that all the information provided by us about the gadgets would help you while traveling. Now comes a surprise for you all!!

TRX introduces Triosmart – The All-in-One tech beast!!

Triosmart is a combination of all 3 essential travel tech that every traveler dreams of. A 6000 mAh⚡ Power Bank, Bluetooth speaker with crystal 🔮 clear sound, and a Universal Adapter. All three features in a cool 😎 and stylish look!!

Triosmart is easy to carry. It is small in size (8cm by 7cm). The size would help to cover up to much space in the bag and would also be easy to carry in a backpack. It is also lightweight (240 G). Any brand phone is compatible with Triosmart. You can easily connect with it and listen to songs, connect with your call and speak through the speaker. It comes in two different colors – Black & Blue.

Triosmart also have the best and most important feature for people who loves to talk over call. The product has in-built mic which has best hearing sound and also the other person can hear you clearly. It will also help you to not hold their phone for long time calls.

Buying all three important techs differently and packing them would be a headache. Triosmart would be the best and smart option for all travelers.

You can purchase this Tech Beast from our website, Noon as well as

Buy Smart and Travel Smart!